5:01pm 10-03-2022

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This website is so well-designed Love the pink too
7:41pm 09-25-2022

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I really like this site! ^_^ The design especially looks super good and cute! Your artwork is super good as well :O
5:22pm 08-03-2022

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Your site is so cute! Keep up the great work!
1:07am 08-03-2022

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Thank you so much for the kind comments in my guestbook! Love your site design, and I might yoink the code bit that lets me update my age automatically, lol. And yes, make them! The more the merrier!

PS: Your name is SO familiar, I'm wondering if I knew you in a past life, perhaps in a fandom or something. 🤔
7:21pm 08-01-2022

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tysm for the kind comments on my neocities!! i love your site so much!! it has like it's own unique thing to it that i love!! it's so nice and comforting to look at ) also i love your art!!!!
1:21pm 07-29-2022

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Been a fan of your work for years, it's great to see you here on Neocities!
8:20pm 07-25-2022

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Hi! Your website looks pretty nice. I like the little critters in the header image.
2:26pm 07-18-2022

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Big fan of yours, keep on rocking in the free world!
2:22pm 07-18-2022
Been a big fan of you for a while, and hope this will make things easier to post. ^^